Синяя Птица Плюс

туристическая фирма
работаем с 1999г.

Россия. Санкт-Петербург,
Лиговский проспект, 25
+7 (812) 380-45-34


Россия. г. Москва,
Проспект Мира, 61
 +7 (495) 664-23-74 (мн.)


Черногория. г. Бар,
+38269422814 - Галина, Русский язык
+38267827461 – Ясмин, Эдита
Сербский и Немецкий языки
+38269291659, +38269081655 - Английский язык

Montenegro, Bali

Виллы Черногории

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Is it OK to drink alcohol with Parkinson's? Total alcohol consumption, however, was not associated with a risk for Parkinson's disease, researchers reported. "Our study supports the very preliminary evidence that beer consumption is related to a lower Parkinson's disease risk," Dr. Chen continued.
Does everyone with Parkinson's get dementia? People with Parkinson's disease also have tremors and may develop cognitive problems, including memory loss and dementia. Parkinson disease is most common in people who are older than 50. You may be more likely to get early-onset Parkinson disease if someone in your family has it.
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