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Россия. г. Москва,
Проспект Мира, 61
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Черногория. г. Бар,
+38269422814 - Галина, Русский язык
+38267827461 – Ясмин, Эдита
Сербский и Немецкий языки
+38269291659, +38269081655 - Английский язык

Montenegro, Bali

Виллы Черногории

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How does acetaminophen work for headaches? Commonly known by its brand name of Tylenol, acetaminophen belongs to a class of painkillers known as non-opioid analgesics. By blocking COX and, therefore, the subsequent production of prostaglandins in the central and peripheral nervous systems, non-opioid analgesics reduce both fever and inflammation.
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